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The Ford Crosdale approach to collections is simple. We treat your debtor in a firm but professional manner, We do not abuse your debtor and risk unnecessary lawsuits against your company. As a result of our unique approach, we find we obtain higher collection results. It is human nature that when you are pushed, you generally push back. This makes it virtually impossible to come to any agreement with a debtor regarding payment. By taking the professional, diplomatic approach, we can resolve disputes and obtain the funds in a more rapid manner. Collecting money is truly a manner of convincing the debtor to pay, nothing more, and nothing less. We are extremely proud of our long lasting relationships with our clients and we strive to constantly provide the best services, rates, and results, Our high client satisfaction is testimony to our success. With the use of computer technology, skilled collectors, and innovative collection techniques, we have proven to be the most successful. The most important goal is to collect your money.